The purpose of a government is to enable the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness. Government exists for the interest of the governed, not for the governors.

                                                                                    --Thomas Jefferson

  • Stop Corruption in the Legal System by Holding Unhinged Prosecutors Accountable

  • Stop Criminalization of Every Behavior that only Benefits and Makes Money for Lawyers and Judges

  • Stop Hyperregulation of small business choking small business owners

  • Represent Doctors in Government as there has not been a Doctor elected to Legislature in more two decades

  • Represent Patients in Government from the Perspective of a Doctor, not a lawyer

    Establish clear mandates on prescription drugs  


  • Make it possible so judges and prosecutors can be sued for their wrongful conduct

  • Make it mandatory for analysis and opinion on every criminal case on appeal in Florida 

  • Overhaul of Florida Bar that regulates lawyers to ensure that lawyers who scam clients are punished every time 

  • Overhaul Judicial Qualification Commission that regulates judges to ensure investigation of bias, rude and condenscending behavior  by judges towards litigants

  • Overhaul the court system to make it friendly for those individuals who want to represent themselves

  • Add mandatory requirements to legal education to increase the quality of lawyering

  • Impose Mandatory prosecution for cops who lie on the stand by passing law that requires judges to hold hearings upon prima facie showing of perjury