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The purpose of a government is to enable the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness. Government exists for the interest of the governed, not for the governors.

                                                                                    --Thomas Jefferson

  • Make sensible laws that takes the lawyers out of the equation in doctor-patient relationship

  • Implement a State-wide Mental Health Task Force to Make Sure that Guns do not get in the wrong hands

  • Establish Clear Mandates on Prescription Drugs- Not Just Guidelines That Causes More Confusion Leaving Room for Lawyers to make money off of senseless prosecutions 

  • Implement Transparency for All Elected Officials requiring Biannual Review of Performance instead of waiting a minimum of  4 years to vote them out of office. The people for which the government is put together have to have a way of performance evaluation for all of their elected officials earlier than 4 years. There is no other job where a performance evaluation is done 4 years after being hired!

  • Update an Outdated Court System by Mandating Accountability for Judges and Prosecutors

  • End Weaponization of the Court System Against Citizens for political and personal message by elected officials. In the current system, only lawyers and judges benefit from this system and most of us are clueless of how they are running the system unless we become entangled by happenstance

  • End Hyperregulation of Small businesses choking Small Business owners

  • Make it possible so judges and prosecutors can be sued for wrongful conduct whether it be intentional or unintentional- just like how doctors can be and are sued for unintentional or intentional conduct

  • Overhaul Florida Bar to ensure that lawyers who scam clients are punished every time- not just once in a while 

  • Revamp Judicial Qualification Commission to investigate all conduct by judges including investigation of bias, rude and condenscending behavior towards litigants

  • Overhaul the court system to make it friendly for those individuals who want to represent themselves

  • Add mandatory requirements to legal education to increase the quality of lawyering in Florida- the quality of lawyers is patently  below average in Florida. Training is subpar as after a mere three year schooling, those barely passing law school hold the key to people's freedom and finances

  • Impose Mandatory prosecution for cops who lie on the stand by passing law that requires judges to hold hearings upon prima facie showing of perjury

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