My Plans for East Tampa

Building an Abandoned and Forgotten City from the Ground Up 

  • CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: There was not a Chambe of Commerce in East Tampa before I moved to East Tampa for my campaign headquarters. Now there is. A Chamber of Commerce is a Hub for Business all Businesses operating in East Tampa that sets a standard for businesses and gives back to the community. It allows EAST TAMPA to control EAST TAMPA rather than always being under the thumb of hand-outs by hyperregulated government programs that have taken East Tampa nowhere. I incorporated the East Tampa Chamber of Commerce through the Florida Division of Corportations and forever from here on out, this Chamber will empower Black Owned Businesses, Black Economy and Black Financial Indepdendence starting right here in East Tampa

  • EMPLOYMENT: Mandating Employment of only East Tampa Residents for Businesses Operating in East Tampa

  • CHECK BOX GONE: Eliminate Check Box for all Employment in East Tampa so Businesses do not make the excuse of not hiring those with prior offenses who are residents of East Tampa

  • CAMERAS at street intersections and hang out areas like  29th and Lake,  30th and Osborne, 40th and Chelsea, Yellow Store, Blue Store and Penny Saver 

  • 24-HOUR URGENT CARE- With City Funds 

  • DRUG REHAB CENTER: Free and confidential that includes Methodone Program

  • TRASH: Add 2 extra days of trash Pick up 

  • SHELTER: Build a Shelter employing those from East Tampa for the Homeless

  • RENTALS: Eliminate slumlords by imposing heavy penalties