• Bad Law : Qualified and Absolute ImmunityDid you know that you cannot sue a prosecutor even when the prosecutor intentionally engages in misconduct and hides evidence favorable to the accused? The law on the books gives absolute immunity to prosecutors protecting them absolutely from any liability

  • Bad Law: Did you know that you cannot sue an attorney who is negligent in representing you in a criminal case unless and until you get an exoneration. This means that all those who are found guilty are out of luck- even if they had bad lawyering- the laws on the books simply does not allow any recourse

  • Bad Law : Did you know that if you are the adult child of a parent who is deceased, you cannot collect your inheritance unless there is a will or trust. Only a minor child of a deceased parent is entitled to inheritance in cases where there is no will or trust. All adult children must go through years of probate court

  • Bad Law : Did you know that you cannot have a judge removed for bias if you have already remove one judge previously unless the judge states that he or she is biased. Which judge is going to admit that he or she is biased? This is sheer stupidity, and just bad law

  • Bad Law : Did you know even if a judge makes an a wrong decision, there are no consequences whatsoever for the judge? You cannot sue the judges either., like prosecutors. But we can sue every other professional in society. How convenient. This is a product of a government by the lawyers for the lawyers. 

  • Bad Law : Did you know that if a lawyer makes a mistake representing a person in a criminal case, the person still goes to prison and it takes an average of 5 years to reverse the case for an attorney mistake while the person languishes in prison.  

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