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Hi, I'm Dr. Paylan 

I was  born in Istanbul, Turkey to Armenian parents. 

My father, at the age of 40, packed our bags and told us that we were going to America for summer vacation. In reality, as I would come to find out a decade later,  my father, at the age of 40, was packing our bags to move our family to the United States because my father was escaping targeting by certain secular groups in Turkey as a result of his job in Eastern part of Turkey.  Being unable to take either his money or any of his possessions out of Turkey, my father started all over from zero in America in 1980. Education for his children, me and my brother, was my father's top priority.  I went to medical school and became a surgeon. My brother went on to become an electrical engineer. 

Medical School and Medical Practice

After graduating from medical school in 1994 and completing a surgical residency, in 2001, I settled  in Tampa, Florida.  In 2004, after I finished fellowships in both Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Trauma/Critical Care, I opened my private practice in Tampa. My practice flourished. In no time, I had over 3000 patients, and I was performing breast augmentation, body sculpting, liposuction and all sorts of other procedures to make my patients feel ageless. 

My training as a surgeon made me endure hours of performance that required precision and absolute focus. As a result of my surgical training, I learned what resilience is. I learned how to finish what I start.  I had to learn how to finish what I started because people's lives were at stake. I treated and operated on veterans, children, those who were terminally ill, and those who were involved in tragic accidents. I saw human pain first hand.  Through it all, with each trial and tribulation, I never forgot how my accomplishments could not have been possible if my father had not moved our family to America. My love for country grew as I grew strong in my faith knowing that I could freely exercise my religion and call myself a Christian- something I would not have been able to do freely in Turkey. 

Trials and Tribulations

In 2011, I came to know first hand what it means to be the target of a Democratic Party Establishment that is corrupt and wasteful. The State Attorney's Office in Hillsborough County spent more than $2 million dollars pursuing me over charges that they knew were false.  It took me over $1 million dollars and six years to expose the prosecutorial misconduct so that I could get my life back. There was "no there-there" and yet millions of dollars were recklessly and unjustifiably spent by the Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office, State Attorney Warren who has now been suspended by Gov. DeSantis. All only because I stood up and because I would not succumb to their corrupt system.  They suggested for me to plead guilty and pay a $50,000 fine for something I did not do. When I refused to entertain pleading guilty, they wanted to teach me a lesson that led to a 6-year long court battle. 

The more I stood up for my patients, the more the corrupt and unregulated prosecutorial system came after me. Although I prevailed ultimately in protecting my patients' rights, I was the target of the establishment that has seen nothing but a Democrat majority for too long in Hillsborough County. The establishment spent limitless amount of taxpayers' dollars to go after a doctor who stood up and was unwilling to play their game. A list of my victories against the establishment in Hillsborough County can be viewed under the "Legal Waste" Tab on this website.As your State Senator in District 16, I will stop this unchecked system of spending millions of taxpayer dollars for power play. 


In 2019, I, along with several other physicians, formed a physician advocacy group called Physicians Against Abuse. It was my own personal experience with our outdated court system that led to my passing in being involved in creating a physician advocacy group so that no other physician and no other patients of a physician become targeted as I was by local prosecutors for a political and personal  message. In just one year, after forming Physicians Against Abuse, we were in the United States Supreme Court, participating and prevailing in a landmark decision that was decided 9-0 in favor of doctors and patients by the United States Supreme Court Justices. This landmark decision made it so that doctors cannot be the target of prosecutors at whim. Prior to this decision, if prosecutors wanted to make themselves look good by seeming like they are doing something about the opioid crisis, they would use the power of the government to go after physicians taking care of chronic pain patients and label them as drug traffickers resulting in false convictions against physicians.  Since in our current outdated court system, there is no accountability for prosecutors in that the laws on the books do not allow wrongfully accused individuals to sue prosecutors for reputation and financial damage, the prosecutors had become unhinged in this area, using the opioid crisis against physicians to enhance their political resume. I am so proud that Physicians Against Abuse was on the forefront of stopping these prosecutors from carrying out their political agenda by victimizing doctors and patients. If you would like to find out more about this landmark decision, please go to

In 2019, right before COVID hit, I also decided to get in the race to beat a long term incumbent. The challenges of being a first time candidate along with COVID made it near impossible and while  I was able to get near 80,000 votes, I did not win the seat. In 2022, after redistricting, Senate Seat for District 19 became Senate Seat 16 and I got into the race again. I hope that I make it this time so we can start pinching away to have a more representative government, instead of a government that is 98% lawyers which leaves the rest of us, farmers, waiters, soccer moms, accountants, business owners unrepresented.  








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